Natural Luxury Gelato

Our gelato is natural luxury.

Natural as we use carefully selected pure top-quality ingredients. The colour of our gelato is natural and the cold is our only preservative.

Luxury as we choose the raw materials for our artisan recipes from aromatic notes to cocoa, to the origin of nuts, vanilla pods and coffee beans. We source them from different parts of the world and that’s how we enhance every single flavour.

Our gelato is prepared fresh daily in our state-of-art laboratory in London. Every single ingredient is added according to the strictest tradition of the Italian gelateria.

Our Products (Besides Gelato)


Our gelato is produced fresh daily in our state-of-the-art laboratory in Peckham, London. We strictly follow Italian traditional recipes, creating all of our bases and sauces from scratch, but we are open to contamination – that's how our popular Salted Caramel and Raspberry Cheesecake flavours were born.


We offer a wide range of desserts to go with our gelato! Crepes, waffles, brownies and pancakes with endless toppings are offered both in our shops and for online delivery. Oh, and did we mention we also have Churros?


There is no Italian gelato without proper Italian coffee! Our range of coffees goes from traditional single Espresso to premium Hot Chocolate made with sourced cocoa beans. A perfect match with our desserts!

Did You Know You Can HAVE YOUR customizeD cake?

Our gelato cakes are the perfect sophisticated treat, suitable for every festive occasion.

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We believe that you are what you eat. When it comes to desserts, it is important to look for natural, fresh and carefully sourced ingredients.

Hire Us

Hosting an event or a party and want to turn into a sweet memory for all your guests?

If gelato is happiness, what is better than having gelato on demand at your event? Our dedicated catering team is ready to offer impeccable service for any occasion.

Expect generous scoops of gelato, expertly crafted shakes and much more, all chosen by you!

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